Angel Rock Live and Nude in DC February 21 at Secrets

A few weeks ago I went to my local strip club Secrets and Steve the owner asked me to help produce the 5th Anniversary party on February 21st.  He asked, “who do you want to bring in for entertainment?”  My first and only choice was the hottest guy in gay porn on the scene today, Angel Rock.  Angel is one of the hottest guys with his big muscular body and huge cock.  No one could be more appropriate for Secrets, one of the only clubs in the country that features live nude male entertainment.

Angel Rock stripper Angel Rock Live and Nude in DC February 21 at Secrets

Angel Rock, Gay Porn Model and Male Stripper

JRPLogo Angel Rock Live and Nude in DC February 21 at Secrets

Jon Royce Productions

We are about to get a huge snow and ice storm up and down the east coast, so a little Miami Heatwave next week will be more than welcome.  Angel comes to us from Miami and it will be his first time appearing in the Washington, D.C. area.  I’m looking forward to seeing Angel’s big dick live and in person on stage.  In the past five years I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Secrets and bring in some of the best entertainment, including Matthew Rush, Big Brother’s Steven Daigle, Samuel Colt, Ricky Sinz, my buddy Spencer Reed, and a host of others.

Special thank yous to my friends at HighPerformanceMen.Com (Gio Caruso) for supplying the photos for the ads and Falcon Studios (Kent Taylor and Toby Morris).  A photo credit correction note, Gio Caruso took the photo used in the ad, not Kent Taylor.  A pretty lame mistake on our part.

Angel Rock 007b Angel Rock Live and Nude in DC February 21 at Secrets

Angel Rock photo by Gio Caruso at HighPerformanceMen.Com

fabscout Angel Rock Live and Nude in DC February 21 at Secrets

FabScout Entertainment

Gotta give a shout out to Howard and Matt at FabScout.Com for their time and making the whole event come together and years of working together.

Don’t mean to sound like I’m giving an awards acceptance speech, but the behind the scenes people like Howard, Gio and myself work endlessly to put together a 20 minute show.

Of course, I’ll have updates on any additions to the event, and hopefully some great photos to follow in my Secrets Nude Male Strippers gallery.

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Guess Which Porn Model I Spent The Day With

Published on May 29th, 2013 by in Male Models

Once in a great while I get a call to photograph a hot guy and recently I got one of those calls.  Today I spent the day with a very hot gay male porn model.  I didn’t suck his cock or fuck his hot ass (although it did go through my mind).  The day was spent taking a few shots (nearly 500) in his Washington, D.C. hotel room.

dsc0230 600 Guess Which Porn Model I Spent The Day With

Guess Which Nude Male Porn Model about

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Men of DC Strippers at Secrets

Published on March 30th, 2013 by in Men of DC
strippers 0079 Men of DC Strippers at Secrets

Nude Male Stripper Samuel Shows off his big muscles and big dick live and totally naked in front of the crowd

Check out the sexy and hot Men of D.C. in our new MightyMen.Com Night at Secrets photo gallery.  Good looking and totally naked Latino hunk Samuel is one of my favorite nude male strippers at Secrets in D.C.  He’s a super nice guy and has a fucking hot body.  Let’s not leave out his big dick.  Check out the photo gallery.  Come out and join us every Friday night at Secrets in D.C.

Be sure and hit that Facebook “LIKE” button below.  Or give these hot guys a Tweet or Twitter.

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Muscle Hunk Brick Is Black

Black Muscle hunk, male porn model and male escort Brick is black – I mean he’s back and joining the cast of The Male Escort Files.  Brick with his big, hard, black, dick, made his MightyMen gay porn video debut back in 2007, and he’s been fucking guys on video since 2005.  Mostly Brick has appeared on black male porn sites without much cross-over into main stream gay porn.  That’s too bad.  Because he is such a great performer and a great looking guy.

img 2973 Muscle Hunk Brick Is Black

Black Muscle Model Brick in 2007 as The Eblaculator

Since his 2007 appearance as “The Eblaculator” on MightyMen.Com, Brick has been traveling the world and keeping busy with construction work.  It shows.  His muscle are even bigger now and he is a bit beefier.  He’s got that black male thug look going on, but in real life he’s a real sweet guy.  On camera he’s quite verbal and has a lot of personality, which is why I’ve asked him to be part of our Male Escort Files web series.  Brick will play the owner of a competing male escort agency in the Washington, D.C. area.  When he gets wind of the success and notoriety the “It Pays To Put Out” agency has garnered since its “Secret Agent Sex Scandal” he decides to pay his competitors a less than friendly visit.

brick 3 1029 Muscle Hunk Brick Is Black

Black Muscle Porn Star Brick in 2013

Brick’s character will be introduced in an upcoming video where he dominates and tops a gay military hunk.  Brick is the latest addition to a growing cast of top level gay porn stars and male escorts, including Dale Cooper and Colby Keller in Episode 1.1, Matthew King and Peter Mekhail in Episode 1.2, Dale Cooper and Devin Adams (Episode 1.3), and Trevor Knight and Levi Dane (Episode 1.4).

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Trevor Knight and Levi Dane

Gay Porn Legend Trevor Knight and Gay Porn New Cummer Levi Dane Join the Cast of Web Series:

male escorts 3729 Trevor Knight and Levi Dane

Trevor Knight Joins the cast of the Male Escort files along with gay porn new cummer Levi Dane

 Dateline Washington, D.C.:  Trevor Knight, one of America’s gay porn legends has signed on for an episode of the hit web series The Male Escort Files.  Trevor will be playing a male porn star in an upcoming episode “Pay Up or Put Out”.  This episode will introduce a new series regular Levi Dane who takes on the role of the receptionist at the It Pays To Put Out gay male escort agency.  Knight and Dane are pictured above along with series regular Matt King.

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Devin Adams Gay Porn Star Joins Male Escort Files

Handsome, hung and hot Devin Adams joins the cast of the Male Escort Files as “The Investigator”.

devin adams porn Devin Adams Gay Porn Star Joins Male Escort Files

Devin Adams, Gay Porn Star is The Investigator in the Male Escort Files

Dateline:  Washington, D.C.  Gay porn sensation Devin Adams joins the cast of the hit web series “The Male Escort Files“.  Devin takes on the roll of Investigator Adams who is tasked with investigating the recent Secret Agent Sex Scandal when he pays a visit to It Pays to Put Out male escort agency owner Estaban played by Dale Cooper.  Investigator Adams places a call to Estaban for a hook up and Estaban becomes suspicious of his handsome trick when Adams repeatedly inquires about Estaban’s hook-ups with Secret Agent Keller (played by Colby Keller).  Estaban lets his trick know that he can’t talk about Keller but Estaban can show him.  Estaban strips down and encourages Adams to feel his hard cock and finger his wet hole.  Even thought Investigator Adams has been sent to arrest Estaban, he can’t resist Estaban’s advances and gives his suspect a might hard fucking.

Adams lets Estaban know that his intention was to arrest him for male prostitution.  Estaban let’s Adams know that he got what he wanted (a hot fuck) and still charges Adams the $700.00 male escort fee.

The video will be release January 2013 on

Devin Adams is the latest to join the Male Escort Files cast along with Matthew King, Peter Mekhail, Colby Keller and Dale Cooper.

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Meet Big Cock Gay Porn Star Peter Mekhail

You’re going to want to check out Peter Mekhail’s big, thick cock in the upcoming release “The Recruit“, the second episode in our series “The Male Escort Files“.

Peter Matt 0718 Meet Big Cock Gay Porn Star Peter Mekhail

Big Cock Peter Mekhail plays a gay escort Recruit in the Male Escort Files

New gay porn star Peter Mekhail plays a military man looking who has just been discharged and on his way home to Texas.  Before he leaves town Peter decides to call the “It Pays to Put Out Gay Escort Agency” before he hops on a plane.  Agency owner Estaban (played by Dale Cooper) has to leave town and asks Matthew King to fill in.  Matt gladly obliges and ends up giving Peter’s big thick gay cock a good going over.  After Peter fucks the daylights out of Matt, Peter prepares to catch his plane.  Matt asks Peter if he’s looking for a job and suggests Peter remain in town and work for the escort agency.  After all, Matt knows the owner and Peter’s cock comes highly recommended.

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Gay Porn Superstar Devin Adams Takes D.C. by Storm

Published on October 14th, 2012 by in Naked Men

Super Hot Gay Porn Star Devin Adams In Visits Secrets in D.C. for MightyMen.Com Night

Between Titan, Falcon, Men, SeanCody and CollegeDudes Devin Adams has appeared in more than 50 gay hardcore porn scenes and he’s in Washington, D.C. to shoot an episode of the “Male Escort Files” where he will fuck with gay porn star Dale Cooper.  Devin is visiting from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and wanted to visit the legndary all nude male strip club in the nation’s capitol. 

devin andrews  0814 b Gay Porn Superstar Devin Adams Takes D.C. by Storm

Devin Adams Gay Hardcore Porn Star poses with nude male stripper

Devin stopped to take a few photos with one of the male strippers (above) and Andrew (below) the hottest bartender in D.C. I’ve been trying to get Andrew to shoot porn for a few years now, but still a no-go. Damn. In the meantime, enjoy the photos and we’ll get back to you after the shoot on Sunday with Devin and Dale.

devin andrews  0837 2 Gay Porn Superstar Devin Adams Takes D.C. by Storm

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Male Escort Files – Roberto

Published on October 3rd, 2012 by in Male Escorts

Washington, D.C. based male escort Roberto contacted me the other day, sent me some pics of himself in action and offered to come over and fuck me with this uncut Latino cock.  Roberto is excited about our “Male Escort Files” video series and wants to audition.  Ha!!  Love it.

male escort photo 1 Male Escort Files   Roberto

That’s Roberto putting out for a client earlier tonight.

 Male Escort Files   Roberto


Roberto tells me it’s a courtesy call – meaning he’s not charging me for sex – ha!!  I love it.  So I asked Roberto if I could fuck his bubble butt (pictured above) and he tells me that he is straight and that he only likes to fuck white guys.  I mentioned to him that he might want to think about calling himself “bisexual”.  I will let you all know how it goes.

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The Male Escort Files s1e2 Stars Matthew King and Peter Mikhail

Season 1, Episode 2 of our Web Series “The Male Escort Files” stars Matthew King and Peter Mikhail. 

matthew king 0711 550 The Male Escort Files s1e2 Stars Matthew King and Peter Mikhail

Matthew King in The Male Escort Files coming October 2012 to MightyMen.Com

Good looking, hot and hung Matthew King takes on the role of a high priced Washington, D.C. male escort in episode 2 of “The Male Escort Files“.  Matt as he is known to every horny male in the D.C. area, is a handsome, well hung male stripper at Secrets in D.C. who recently got into the gay hardcore porn business.  Now the world will get to know what many of us in Washington, D.C. have known for years – Matt is a power bottom and one hell of a nice guy.  He certainly lived up to his reputation yesterday while taking on the role of a D.C. male hooker when he bottomed for Peter Mikhail, a tall,lean big dicked guy who plays a young man just released from the military and makes one more stop at the male escort house for an afternoon of cock sucking and fucking.  Peter has one hell of a nice, big thick hard dick and Matt takes it like a pro.   The two hung and handsome guys go at it and shoot two huge loads on Matt’s naked, ripped abs.  Matt is so impressed by the way Peter tops, he suggests that the recently unemployed military hunk consider staying in Washington and working for the “It Pays To Put Out” male escort agency.  See all the fun, hard cocks and cum this October on MightyMen.Com.

male escorts s1e2 550 The Male Escort Files s1e2 Stars Matthew King and Peter Mikhail

Peter Mikhail fingers Matthew King’s hole in The Male Escort files

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